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Drain cleaning

When it comes to your sewer and drain cleaning needs, Flushing is ready to respond. We can diagnose your slow or clogged drain problems and solve them—quickly and professionally. We specialize in fast, friendly drain repair and service—using the latest technology and products to get the job done right.
Blocked drains can be a major headache especially when it’s a kitchen sink or a toilet drain which is blocked and messing up your home. This sort of thing always seems to happen at the worst possible moment, and often keeping your plumbing in good condition is all that stands between you and domestic disaster.

When you need to find someone for clearing your blocked drains you can rely on Flushing to respond quickly with a team equipped with the latest equipment including things like high pressure water jet systems and fiber optic cameras which we use to find the exact locations and extent of the blockage.
Our high pressure drain cleaning machines are the safest and most effective way of removing blockages without damage to your pipes. These machines can even remove stubborn tree root blockages which mechanical systems cannot.