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Hot water circulator

To maintain its position as the leading manufacturer of pumps for heat transfer and hot water circulation systems, Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company is introducing the next generation of their high temperature pump from the proven Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company family.

The new pumps are specifically designed for high-temperature applications – including the use of synthetic thermal oil – and are rated for temperatures as high as 350º Celsius. Special features include a new venting system that facilitates the removal of gases from the system during operation and reinforced casings with extra heavy-duty bearings that help these pumps withstand external mechanical forces. For very critical fluids, a variant with double mechanical seals is available. Customers may choose either carbon (standard) or Silicon Carbide plain bearings. The series are capable of flow rates as high as 1,900 m3/h and heads of up to 102 m.