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New construction

At Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company our clients can rest assured that our reporting system and costing database are customized to their requirements and are up to date with the rapid fluctuations in the construction industry.

Our approach is accurate and firm in pricing and costing which our clients' enjoy the benefit from.

Our sound and professional industry knowledge gives us the competitive edge to compete in the construction industry's fast-paced and competitive tender environment.


Quantity Surveying
Project Management
Cost Planning
Finance arrangements
Client Representative
Project Audit
Bank Draw downs
Contractual Advice
Cost Management
Project Planning
The quality new construction home is built by the Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company. Our relationships with local developers allow us the buying ability to pass savings on to our clients. We specialize in building affordable homes that don’t sacrifice on quality highlighting and we can work on designing a home to fit your needs.