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Water heater

Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company want to make sure not only the elderly are respected, but also the Police and Firemen that so valiantly give their services for our protection.

Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company offer an extra 10% off any repair for police and families, which can also be combined with coupons.

Last year, Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company, was giving free repairs to the elderly and less fortunate. But this wasn't showing the men and women that fight for our safety any thanks.

Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company services the US County, with the same great service that has made them the number one service company around.

Offering great prices on water heater installations, HVACs air condition repairs, appliance repairs, and heating, Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company continues to strive for the best service in the tri state area. After the fuel is ignited by the spark plugs, the hot combustion gases are pushed out of the engine through the exhaust manifold.