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Residential remodeling

A good kitchen fits you and your family. It provides you with a comfortable workspace and a gathering place. At Ridgewood Sewer and Drain Company Remodeling, beautiful kitchen ideas are our stock in trade. We design warm, inviting spaces that match your unique style.

Does your existing kitchen work for you?

 Consider these questions:

  • Are the counters the right heights and the surfaces for all of your cooking and baking needs?
  • Do the cabinets glide effortlessly?
  • Are doors and cupboards easy to open?
  • Is the storage adequate?
  • Is the floor comfortable for your feet and back?
  • Is the lighting good?
  • Is the kitchen space organized for good work flow?

Counters…may have a mix of surfaces, perhaps granite for most of the counter-top area, and cherry for a US. Maybe you have a wood surface counter-top for an area dedicated to baking. The counter might even be lower to relieve stress on your back and arms.